Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Noi di Mancini Utensili siamo orgogliosi di commercializzare e lavorare non solo in Italia, ma anche a livello internazionale. Oltre a servire il mercato italiano, abbiamo una solida presenza ed esperienza nel mercato internazionale. Collaboriamo con distributori e clienti in diversi paesi, offrendo i nostri prodotti e servizi ad una vasta gamma di mercati globali.

Essere presenti a livello internazionale ci consente di offrire ai nostri clienti un’ampia gamma di prodotti e di soddisfare le esigenze specifiche di lavorazione dei diversi mercati. La nostra esperienza nel commercio internazionale ci ha resi leader nel settore e siamo riconosciuti per la qualità e l’affidabilità dei nostri prodotti.

Inoltre, abbiamo un ufficio commerciale estero dedicato che può offrire tutto il supporto necessario ai nostri clienti e rivenditori internazionali. Se sei interessato a diventare un nostro rivenditore all’estero o desideri ulteriori informazioni sui nostri prodotti non esitare a contattarci. Siamo qui per offrirti il supporto necessario e per aiutarti a sviluppare una partnership di successo con la nostra azienda.

Per diventare rivenditore è necessario seguire una procedure semplice:

  1. Contatto iniziale: puoi iniziare contattandoci attraverso il nostro modulo sul sito oppure tramite email all’indirizzo marketing@manciniutensili.it, assicurati di includere le informazioni di base della tua attività commerciale e sui prodotti che sei interessato a distribuire.
  2. Valutazione: dopo aver ricevuto la tua richiesta, il nostro team dedicato valuterà la tua richiesta. Cerchiamo partner che condividano i nostri valori di qualità, affidabilità e servizio eccellente.
  3. Approvazione e accordo: se la tua candidatura viene approvata, ci accorderemo per un incontro per stabilire le condizioni della partnership.
  4. Supporto del nostro team: una volta diventato rivenditore avrai tutto il nostro supporto, chiariremo ogni tuo dubbio sui nostri prodotti, processi di ordine, consegne e altri risorse per massimizzare le tue vendite e soddisfare i clienti.

Se sei interessato a diventare un rivenditore di Mancini Utensili, non esitare a contattarci. Siamo sempre alla ricerca di nuove partnership solide.

Se hai bisogno di assistenza sugli utensili dopo averli ricevuti contatta il referente aziendale con cui ti sei interfacciato per l’ordine. Altrimenti contatta direttamente i nostri uffici, un nostro tecnico ti assisterà per qualsiasi dubbio.

Clicca qui per metterti in contatto con noi!

The sharpening of diamond tools depends on the type of tool: a disposable tool can be sharpened a maximum of 3 times due to its thin plates, while a resharpenable tool can be sharpened up to 8/10 times.

Read our article Tool sharpening: why should a tool be resharpened?

Tungsten carbide (HW) tools are used in machining operations where a high quality finish is not required and the material often changes over the course of a working day, because its cutting edges deteriorate more easily in the early stages of cutting. Diamond tools (PCD), on the other hand, have a very good cutting quality and great wear resistance. Diamond is distinguished from HW by the following characteristics: high hardness, abrasion resistance, toughness, high mechanical strength and high thermal conductivity.

Read our article PCD and HW tools in cutting wood and wood derivatives: why choose diamond.

The main materials that process our products are wood and its derivatives (chipboard, MDF, HDF, plywood, etc.), but thanks to the experience of many years dedicated to panel processing, expertise in many other areas such as aluminium, PVC and plastics has been developed.

Our products are mainly made of steel, of different types, with brazed cutting edges made of polycrystalline diamond (PCD), which is an excellent material for cutting.

Our tools are made of high quality material.

We accept credit cards or prepaid cards of the VISA and MASTERCARD circuits, including American Express and Poste Italiane Postepay cards and bank transfer. Payment by bank transfer is subject to the following conditions: the bank transfer must be received within 10 working days of placing the order, otherwise the order will be considered null and void. It is understood that if a bank transfer is chosen, the goods will only be dispatched once the bank transfer has been verified. Sometimes, to further reduce the time required for the normal crediting of the bank transfer, it is sufficient to send us a copy of the receipt containing the CRO number of the bank transfer by the following method: send an email to marketing@manciniutensili.it

Visit the Payment Methods page.

Our company wants all customers to have an exceptional shopping experience but sometimes it is unavoidable to encounter some problems, so for any technical issues please contact us on 0721.204328 or write to marketing@manciniutensili.it specifying the type of problem.

Once your order has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email informing you that your order has arrived successfully. You will then receive an email within the next few hours confirming that your order has been accepted. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us!

Of course, we will send you an email to the address you placed your order with as soon as it is shipped; also, if you are a registered user you can check the status of your order within your account.

If you access your personal area using your username and password chosen during registration, you can check the status of your order. If you have purchased as a guest, you cannot access your personal area.

It is not absolutely necessary to register on the site, but by doing so you can access the user area where you can view your orders and their status.

You can also complete the order as a guest and in this case during the purchase process you will only be asked for the data necessary to complete the order and to deliver the product to you.

All prices shown on our website include VAT.

Mancini Utensili ships throughout Italy: shipping is free for orders over 50 Euro.

To consult shipping costs visit this page.

All shipments in Italy are handled by the courier GLS.

We pay special attention to even the smallest details of packaging and shipping: each of our tools is packed and shipped with care. The products are packed in standard, undamaged packaging that is suitable for loading onto transport vehicles and unloading onto the ground with appropriate and approved tools.

The delivery time for products with immediate availability, i.e. that we have in stock, is generally 24/48 hours: if you order before 12 noon the shipment leaves the same day, otherwise the next day. Product variants that are not available, on the other hand, have a delivery time of about 2/3 weeks because they are in production.

By ‘lead time’ of the order we mean the time elapsing from the completion of the order to the delivery of the product to the courier. You will receive an email as soon as your order is completed.

Mancini Utensili can help you in making a special tool best suited to the machining you need. Choose the type of product for which you want to request a custom quote and fill out the relevant form through this section: we will contact you with your custom proposal!

The products we sell online with immediate availability are those in standard sizes. Some product variants are purchasable but available in 2/3 weeks as specified with a specific wording, i.e. you can still proceed with the purchase and payment but they will be shipped as soon as they are available because they are in production. Other products, on the other hand, are available on request by filling in the appropriate form on the product page: we will then send you a personalised offer with the data you have entered.

If you have any doubts, you can contact our customer service team, made up of qualified and experienced personnel who can provide you with technical support from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 4:40 p.m. via online chat on our website, by email at marketing@manciniutensili.it or by calling 0721.204328

Our e-commerce site is B2B and B2C, i.e. we also sell to private persons: consumers can conduct the purchase for a purpose that can be attributed neither to a commercial nor to a professional activity.