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Nesting router cutter guide: better precision and efficiency


A nod about Nesting processing

Nesting processing is an automatic panel cutting procedure on CNC machines that allows you to reduce waste and processing times. Read the full article here.

To obtain the best possible results during this process it is essential to consider the diameter of the tool, the thickness of the panel and the type of material used. These three parameters must be optimally correlated to ensure:

  • High tool performance;
  • Effective chip discharge;
  • Good cutting quality;
  • An optimized feed speed to reduce production costs.

The router cutters for Nesting processing

Nesting processing router cutters are a fundamental element for obtaining precise and quality results when processing panels. These bits are specifically designed for use on CNC machines and are made of heavy-duty material, such as triamet, to ensure reliability and durability.

Punte Nesting: migliore precisione ed efficienza

Our Nesting tools models

Our nesting processing router cutters have diamond drilling and are available in different sizes, which depend on the thickness of the panel to be processed and allow them to adapt to different production needs.

The most used standard models

Each model for Nesting processing is suitable for a specific type of processing. For example, our PNS6 model is equipped with a broken pushing propeller, mainly negative and is ideal for working on panels of various thicknesses. Likewise. the PNT6 model is equipped with a broken driving helix, mainly positive, and is perfect for working on fixed thickness panels.

The other nesting tips, such as PNT3 and PNS3, are characterized by a pushing or pulling end plate, respectively, which allows precise processing without chipping on both sides of the panel. These cutters are suitable for high-speed machining, offer a good finish and low noise and are ideal for chipboard and plywood.

Punta Nesting - Mancini Utensili

The PNR2, on the other hand, is a cutter with a resharpenable radius that allows precise cuts on chipboard, MDF and plywood panels, both raw and coated.

Why choose Mancini Utensili?

Mancini Utensili offers a wide range of solutions for Nesting processes, designed to increase productivity and efficiency. Thanks to continuous research in terms of innovation, we have developed a series of nesting tools that guarantee an optimal finish on different types of materials. In addition to the models listed above, we are able to design Nesting tools upon customer request, satisfying their production needs.

Choosing our solutions for Nesting operations means being able to count on a reliable partner who offers high quality products and innovative solutions to improve the production process in terms of quality and efficiency.

Contact us if you don’t know which tool to use or to request a special one!

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