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100% Made in Italy. For over 30 years.

For over 30 years now Mancini Utensili has been specializing in the design and production of ‘Made in Italy’ tools for woodworking which, through consistent investments and research in advanced technological solutions, has reached a leading position among the manufacturers of Polycrystalline Diamond “PD” tools, not only in Europe but throughout the main international markets. 

The quality, specialization and wide range of products offered for all types of processing in the furniture industry have contributed to obtaining growing esteem from our clientèle, which is increasingly competent and attentive to production performance.

Customized solutions, made with excellent raw materials and tested at every stage of processing to ensure efficiency and high performance, have allowed us to grow, expand and satisfy customers and their need for tools customization. 

The extensive experience of numerous years dedicated to panel machining has led us to become experts in numerous other sectors.

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We are by your side in facing the new technological frontiers of the global market and offer advanced design and construction solutions to ensure an exceptional quality/price ratio of “PD” diamond tools.

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We design your satisfaction directly.


Design and prototyping

Our technicians analyze your production so as to design and apply high-performance solutions specifically for your needs. Mancini Utensili directly manufactures exclusive tools for your processing, with new high-performance solutions and new technical comfort.


Direct production and assistance

New technologies, thirty years of experience, know-how, selection of raw materials and control in all processes, guarantee high quality over time for our entire range.

Sharpening and spare parts

Dedicated areas guarantee a restoration, sharpening and tool maintenance service, with spare parts warehouse and emergency technical interventions, so as to never slow down your production.

Discover our sharpening service and why you should sharpen a tool.

Discover our skills and our technology, known worldwide in more than 20 countries, for over 30 years.

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